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This is a fork of the CNCjs project which spawned from the Maslow CNC ecosystem. Several members of the Maslow community worked together to make the Maslow and M2 (Due) firmware compatible with CNCjs. At the same time, the CNCjs project development was paused due to extenuating circumstances. As a result, Makerverse evolved its own vision of an application which supports a wide variety of CNC & 3DP hardware with a clean interface and powerful widgets.

Original CNCjs Contributors

Original CNCjs contributors:

csČeština (Czech)Miroslav Zuzelka
deDeutsch (German)Thorsten Godau, Max B.
esEspañol (Spanish)Juan Biondi
frFrançais (French)Simon Maillard, CorentinBrulé
huMagyar (Hungarian)Sipos Péter
itItaliano (Italian)vince87
ja日本語 (Japanese)Naoki Okamoto
nlNederlands (Netherlands)dutchpatriot
pt-brPortuguês (Brasil)cmsteinBR
ruРу́сский (Russian)Denis Yusupov
trTürkçe (Turkish)Ali GÜNDOĞDU
zh-cn简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)Mandy Chien, Terry Lee
zh-tw繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)Cheton Wu