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Makerverse runs gcode (.nc) programs.


Upload Program

From your workspace, press the “Upload Program” button. You will be able to select a file from your current device.

Watch Directory

On the right side of the “Upload Program” button is an arrow. Clicking it lets you explore the “Watch Directory.” For example, with a Web Server installation, you can instead place the .nc file into the folder at $HOME/gcode on the computer where Makerverse is installed.

On the Raspberry Pi image, the watch directory is /home/pi/gcode.

*Note*: Makerverse does not (yet) support folders within the watch directory.


To run the program, just press the play button (next to “Upload Program”).

You can monitor the execution with the G-code widget.

Multiple Devices

With a Web Server installation, you can upload a program from one computer (e.g., desktop) and then run/monitor Makerverse from another (e.g., shopfloor tablet or smartphone).