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You can always find the latest versions on the Releases page.


There are two primary ways to run Makerverse.

  • Stand-Alone: easy to install on Mac and Windows; harder to update.
  • Web Server: works on any computer; has automatic updates.


  1. If you have a Raspberry Pi, just flash the pre-built image for the easiest, most full-featured solution.
  2. If you’re non-technical and only using Makerverse on a Mac/Windows computer, use the stand-alone install.
  3. Otherwise, use the generic web server install (works with just about any computer).

Prereleases (Beta Versions)

Prereleases (a.k.a. “Beta” versions) are also available on the Releases page.

Make sure to turn on the “Preleases” in Settings -> General after installing the application.

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