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Makerverse uses various controllers to speak to different machines.

Supported Machines

Note: when creating a workspace, some machines come pre-configured via the community catalog.

If you cannot find your machine (in the app or in this documentation), it is nevertheless likely to still be supported (as long as it uses a standard protocol). You will need to identify the correct controller for the protocol, as well as the baud rate (which is probably buried somewhere in your machine’s documentation).


Firmware is the code which runs on the machine itself (usually, an Arduino board connected via USB). Your machine likely came pre-installed with some firmware.

Generally, you should be certain you are using the latest firmware for your machine. If you have selected a machine from the community catalog, you will receive recommendations and support links for your firmware.

Machine-Specific Instructions

In some cases, like with the Maslow CNC, there are also important machine-specific instructions to follow. Please be sure to read any instructions related to your machine in this documentation or in the app.

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