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Open Makerverse

If you used a Stand-Alone installation, Makerverse should already be open and running.

Web Browser

To connect to Makerverse from any internet browser on the same network, you first need to know the address and port of Makerverse.

Tip: with the Raspberry Pi image, the address is makerverse.local and the default port is 80. On all other installations, the default port is 8000.

The address of Makerverse can be the IP address of the computer on the network, or the name of that computer. Here’s how to find your hostname or IP address. Now, put the two together into your internet browser:


Tip: if you use port 80, you don’t need to include the port.


Raspberry Pi installation

makerverse.local + port 80: http://makerverse.local/

Using a Hostname

mycomputer.local + port 8000: http://mycomputer.local:8000/

Using an IP address

IP + port 8000:


If your browser fails to connect to Makerverse, first make sure you have typed http:// correctly (sometimes https:// is inserted automatically).

Next, check that you can access Makerverse on the same computer which is running Makerverse. Instead of the IP address or hostname, just use localhost. For example, try to open a web browser on the same computer to http://localhost:8000. If that works, then something about your network (e.g., firewall) is preventing the second computer from talking to the Makerverse computer. If it does not work, then Makerverse is not actually running.